Pro 7 Replacement Element


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Interchangeable elements for Pro 7 headsets. Available in full-range iC Electret, full-range Dynamic, and DX Narrow contesting options.

iC Electret Element

Designed exclusively for ICOM radios, the iC Electret element has a -3dB fixed point at 35 Hz and 12 kHz with sensitivity of -48 at 1500 ohms output centered at 1 kHz.

Dynamic Element

The HC-7 dynamic element exhibits a frequency response of 100 Hz – 12 kHz with -3dB points at 100 Hz and 12 kHz and a rise centered at 2k – 4 kHz. The impedance is 600 ohm.

HC-74 DX Dynamic Contest Element

The HC-74 is a redesign of the HC-4 element and was developed for serious contest/DX operators. It rolls off the low end at 600 Hz with a 10 dB rise at 2500-3000 Hz, which creates a very articulate signal to break through pileups.

How to change the microphone element on your Pro 7 Headset

Remove the two flat head screws, then remove the element. Insert the new element then replace and tighten the screws.


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