Microphones and headsets used around the world by amateur radio enthusiasts.
Heil Sound builds world class microphones for stage, studio, broadcast and podcast.

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Heil in Amateur Radio

Heil Sound is the only high performance microphone manufacturer for amateur radio. Period.

Company founder Bob Heil understood very early in his career as a microphone designer that voice articulation is key to ham radio, both for emergency use as well as for the hobbyist. His ham radio products are a result of that level of concern for the voice. Bob is a legend in amateur radio, an author, and "in demand" speaker at ham events around the world. His weekly "Ham Nation" show can be seen on Twit.tv network.

Heil also understands that ham radio receivers are not created equal. The team at Heil Sound are experts at making the right connection between the mic or headset and the receiver. A wide array of adapters are just a link away.

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