About Us

Often the word “passion” is thrown around on a corporate website with the company trying to convey how much they love what they do. It’s usually a message created by a committee. At Heil Sound the love of the amateur radio market is evident. No committee. The company slogan is “It starts at the microphone,” but as with many business success stories, the Heil Sound amateur radio division started well before that with a hobby that grew into a flourishing business. The Heil Sound amateur radio division has been manufacturing specialized headsets, microphones,  and equalization products for this market since 1982.

From the beginning, company founder Bob Heil knew that voice articulation is key to ham radio, both for emergency use as well as for the hobbyist. Heil Sound’s headsets for ham radio – from the Handi Talkie Headset to the Pro 7 – are a result of that level of concern for clearly hearing and transmitting the voice. Heil Sound also offers a line of microphones that bring “studio quality” to the ham radio operator.

Heil EQ 200 started the audio revolution 1982

Heil EQ 200

With a worldwide network of resellers and distributors, Heil Sound’s amateur radio division remains active, getting innovative products into the hands and shacks of interested customers. Heil Sound is also very involved in club activities and sponsors several high-profile ham radio events. In addition to its use as a social tool, the power of ham radio has played a prominent role in previous disasters. In 2005 Heil Sound sent headsets to Hurricane Katrina responders which greatly improved their ability to hear and transmit vital information.

As a company, the Heil Sound team has taken Bob Heil’s vision and expanded it into all of the elements that customers expect from a manufacturer of innovative products for the Amateur Radio industry.