We are proud to support DXpeditions all around the world.

Requirements for DXpedition Sponsorship

The following terms must be agreed upon in order for Heil Sound to sponsor a DXpedition. 

  1. The size of the group leaving on this DXpedition is required to be at least four individuals.
  2. The group or organization is required to have a website that highlights the DXpedition and lists all individuals attending.
  3. The DXpedition will provide Heil Sound Communications, Inc. with pictures and quotes to be used when and where Heil Sound Communications, Inc. chooses.
  4. If the application is accepted a valid credit card number will be submitted to Heil Sound Communications, Inc. in advance of the shipment of the requested equipment. All of the supplied equipment plus shipping will be charged to the credit card prior to shipping of the equipment.
  5. At the end of the DXpedition there are two options for whether to keep or return the supplied equipment.

    Option 1: The supplied equipment can be kept by the DXpedition. No credit will be issued.

    Option 2: The supplied equipment can be returned to Heil Sound Communications, Inc. in good working condition, within 10 days of returning from the DXpedition for a full refund (excluding shipping). Heil Sound Communications, Inc. has the sole discretion to determine whether equipment is in good working condition and if a refund will be granted.

  6. The DXpedition representative agrees to notify Heil Sound Communications, Inc. of the decision between options 1 and 2 within 10 days of returning from the DXpedition.
  7. DXpeditions can request gear from the following list: Pro 7 Headsets (Dynamic or iC), AD-1-iC, AD-1-iCM, AD-1-Y, AD-1-YM, AD-1-K, AD-1-KM, FS-2 Footswitch, or FS-3 Footswitch All applications for DXpedition sponsorship must be submitted through this form.