B-Stock First Generation Pro 7 Bundle


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B-Stock First-Generation Pro 7

Pro 7 Replacement Element

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This is new old -stock of the first-gen Pro 7. This version does NOT include the monitor jack found on current-gen versions. This version only comes with the gel earpads and is covered by the full Heil Ham Radio warranty. 

The Heil Pro 7 is an aviation-style headset designed for amateur radio use in high-noise environments. The specially designed gel ear pads provide 26 dB outside noise reduction and provide exceptional comfort. A true dual-channel, stereo headset, the Pro 7 features an audio balance control that allows the user to adjust the level of the left earphone to match the right. A unique phase-reversal switch greatly helps the listener “dig out” weak signals.

The flexible gooseneck mic boom on Pro 7s may be rotated for use on either the right or left ear. Two production versions are available, depending on whether you require a dynamic or electret microphone element. However, the microphone elements are easily interchangeable, allowing you to swap out elements to be used with different rigs or for contesting or DX purposes. Check out the different element options here. The Heil Pro 7 headsets will work with current AD-1 series adapter cables and accessories. See our Adapter Selector to find the right cable for your radio.

The Pro 7 is available with either a dynamic or iC electret element. The Pro 7 is available with either a dynamic or iC electret element. Additional or replacement elements, including the HC-74 Contest/DX element, can be purchased separately here.

All Pro 7 models are available in black or blue finishes and include the following accessories:
– Large PTT Switch.
– Military grade straight cable.
– Military grade coiled cable.
– Removable and washable cotton ear pad covers.

The balance control located on the left speaker controls the left speaker. To use, set a comfortable right side level with the AF gain of the receiver. You can then adjust the left side speaker where necessary to balance the audio between the speakers. In most cases, the balance control will be close to maximum.


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