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The BM-17 is a lightweight single-side or dual-side headset designed for Amateur Radio use. To accommodate different radio setups, the BM-17 is available with either a BM-17-Dynamic element or a BM-17-iC electret element designed to use with ICOM radios.

The speakers used in the BM-17 are very sensitive and don’t require much AF gain from the transceiver. The frequency response is 200 Hz – 5 kHz with very low distortion. The ear pads are replaceable acoustic foam.

The microphone audio for the BM-17 series terminates into a 1/8” mono plug while the headphone terminates into a 1/8“ stereo plug (1/8” to 1/4” adapter included).
The boom is designed to be extremely flexible and is swivel mounted to the headphone speaker for optimal positioning in any situation.

The use of the AD-1 series mic adapters allows simple interface with popular transceiver inputs. The adapter cable has a 1/8” female input jack for the headset microphone while the 1/4” female that exits the adapter is the PTT (push to talk) line for the Heil foot switch or hand switch. The 1/8” or 1/4” stereo plug goes into the headphone jack on the transceiver front panel.
Note: To use dynamic mic elements on vintage radios (requiring a high impedance input of 10k to 30k ohms) will require the use of an XT-1 impedance matching transformer.

Please see our Adapter Selector to find the right adapter cable to connect the BM-17 to your radio.

Some state laws prohibit the use of headsets while operating a vehicle. Please check with your local regulations and restrictions prior to usage of this product while operating.

The BM-17-Dynamic headset uses the BM-D dynamic element designed specifically for communications use in Ham Radio. This 600 ohm dynamic element will work on most amateur radio rigs, including Kenwood and Yaesu radios, requiring a Low-Z input impedance (usually between 150 ohms and 4k ohms). The BM-17-Dynamic has an operating frequency response of 120Hz – 10 kHz.
The BM-17-iC headset, using our iC electret element, was created for use with ICOM radios. This element has been made to utilize bias power in ICOM radios which addresses low-gain issues that arise when using dynamic elements. This element must be paired with the AD-1-iC or AD-1- iCM adapter. The iC adapters have no internal DC blocking capacitor so bias voltage can be passed allowing the iC electret element to operate. The iC element has an operating frequency response of 35Hz – 12kHz.
Download the spec sheet
  • Generating Element: Dynamic | iC Electret
  • Frequency Response: 120 Hz – 10 kHz | 35 Hz – 12 kHz
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid | Cardioid
  • Impedance: 500 Ohms | 1.5k Ohms
  • Output Level: -60 dB at 1 kHz | -38dB at 1 kHz
  • Weight: Single – 5.8 oz | Dual – 7.3 oz
  • Required Adapter: AD-1 Series | AD-1 series

2 reviews for BM-17

  1. ka9cbs (verified owner)

    I just ordered this headset and even though it isn’t here yet I have known Bob Heil for years visited him at his home years ago and visited his factory at the old location and at his current location even though it is now being run by a new owner but I know the quality will be great and already know service is excellent. I have had 2 previous headsets and still have one and ordered repair parts for it after many years of use. Thanks, Bob and the new owners.

  2. Stan Tomkinson

    Great headset for the field. It is easy to pack and doesn’t take up much room in my bag. It really helps me hear call signs so much easier. Also, Heil’s customer service is top notch. I had lost the metal plate and screw that holds the boom in place when I was in the field. I emailed Heil service to see how I could purchase a replacement, and they sent the parts to me at no cost. The next time I need an upgraded headset or microphone, I will certainly purchase a Heil product.

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